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This thought occurred to me this morning. It was one of those moments where I catch something…

... as if written in the space of the mind... it flashes there like a passing train... and disappears again... Today I caught this metaphor in this mysterious passing train, definitely arising from my subliminal question, what are some people thinking about how we live?

From the outside, we have to give a lot of people in the immediate vicinity a lot of trouble. We spend whole days here, in our little house, in the space in front of it, many times whole days even without music, because the silence here is already so beautiful, or the birdsong and cicadas now in summer, that it is a shame to mix that beauty with anything else. This in itself is so fulfilling that anything else would only reduce the intensity of the experience. One of the activities that we intensively devote ourselves to here during the days. We are listening. Silence around and we learn to apply it inside ourselves for as many moments as possible.

"We create inside, and when we go outside, we enjoy what is happening there," was the message of that passing train in my calm mind this morning. In the morning is actually just a term I use in conjunction that it was shortly after I woke up, after a few sips of my morning coffee, but it was actually around half past two in the afternoon. My morning today.

We live here in a small space, and after all, in a space without borders. We also train that when we don't have to, we let time be free. We don't even bind ourselves by having to do anything because "it's this time already". Another of our intensive activities that cleans and opens the space inside. Another activity that seems to many people to be completely unnecessary, a fad that only children, artists and crazy people can afford. We probably belong to all three groups.

We create inside and when we go outside, we enjoy what is happening there. We create within, we create on ourselves, we also create physically inside this house, words and images, we create our visions and wishes with our thoughts, we materialize what we wish to live outside.

Everything starts with us, within us. We have everything at hand, within, with us. And so we actively use it all here. I feel like I'm walking through many rooms, experiencing different events, traveling... thanks to everything we do here on a daily basis. And then outside, almost every evening on the beach, we thank the sun as it dips below the horizon, the stars that gradually light up and later fall. Across the sky like fireworks. We have time to perceive, experience, marvel and thank again and again.

People are swarming around, running and searching, searching here and there. Some find, but many do not. They run around, everywhere, and at the same time, they already have everything with them. Just turn the gaze in the opposite direction. From all those directions, wanting, chasing after everything possible and swarming, start looking inside yourself first and create on yourself. A lot of questions and activities then disappear by themselves, become clear, without searching, without effort. It is enough to realize that wherever one is, right there, one already has everything. And he finds the beginning within himself. It's that simple. And also incredibly rich. The feeling of life is intense. The feeling of lightness, joy. The essence of pure being. Like when we are children... or artists... or crazy.

All we all need is a little time alone and quiet. Only then will things begin to happen.


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