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"Life is the author, I'm just a writer with a humble wish to inspire you to live with joy and help open your heart, because if the heart is open, we are all able to see magic and love everywhere."

I have always felt the need to encourage others to live with ease and to believe that anything we feel from the heart is possible. Even as a teenager I dreamed of becoming a writer. To date, 10 books inspired by my own journey and positive approach to life have been published in my homeland. I was born in the Czech Republic and since 2000, when I took my first big risk and followed my heart (to Spain), I have been living mostly abroad, mainly by the sea (currently on the authentic island of Ischia), which was one of my biggest dreams. I tried several professions to which my heart led me, learning everything I needed along the way. I was a dancer, part of a female DJ duo, and then in 2016, after 12 years, I left my successful dream career as a self-taught fashion designer, handed over my brand to a friend and set out to pursue another dream - to write and motivate to leave fear and compromise and follow the path of the heart. In my native country, I self-published my book You Can Do Anything You Want, which no publisher was interested in publishing, even though in 2015 one of the major publishers published my first book, the inspirational novel, Ten Wishes, loosely inspired by the journey to my fashion designer dream, which was a success with readers. The book You Can Do Anything You Want became a bestseller soon after its publication and, along with my others, has already helped many people bring joy back into their lives and find themselves.

... and you can read more about how I became a writer, started living on an island and more (magic) here:

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