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I often feel like I don't fully perceive, realize and am grateful for all the gifts I have.

We all have. Around us in the most ordinary things. I find, for example, that minutes and sometimes even hours fly by when I immerse myself in thinking and I get hooked again like a fish on a fishing line cast by my mind that thinks I should think about this and that. And it's quite the opposite.

To think is not to know and certainly not always suggests the right path to follow. Which in itself will be so full and wonderful that we will forget the goal itself. Thinking is like getting on a plane and being carried away, anywhere, away from what is happening here and where, if we really stay, we will get the real answers. Just a few steps forward. But that's enough. We don't need to know, like when we open a new book, how the whole story will unfold, where exactly it will go, and how it will end. We just need to feel, "know" with our hearts that this is "it", even if we can only see a few steps ahead.

To trust, to be guided by the heart, not the mind. The mind won't come up with anything real, it will just drag us round and round along the same path, in the same circles that don't tell us much anymore. The heart longs to live. Tasting new things, trying new things, discovering.

When I went to buy a few things this afternoon before they closed in the store, I deliberately chose the "cat trail", as I called it for myself. It leads between the gardens and grounds of local houses, then up the hill, past the church, turn left between white houses, balconies hung with laundry fluttering in the gentle breeze, the smell of lunch wafting from the windows, people's voices, television, radio, a lot of silence. A stray cat here and there, a flock of pigeons, boys kicking a ball, reflecting off the white walls. They cheer, they argue, no one shouts at them. Life is spontaneous. From behind ancient stone walls and crumbling wooden gates stretch branches strewn with giant lemons. Niches in the walls with holy statues, artificial flowers, fallen plaster, rusty locks, mysterious corners. An incredibly magical walk. It's like traveling through time and space.

Every time I walk there, I don't think. I'm fully there. The plot is so intense - for me - for another probably so ordinary - that it doesn't let me run away anywhere. And so, even if it's just a "trip" for the common ingredients of the days, I feel like I've been invited on a very special journey that not even all the money in the world can pay for.

Looking at the world with the heart and not through the mind can build magical bridges to a life that is full, fun and enjoyable to live every single moment.


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