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This comparison occurred to me this morning in connection with my own journey...

One big dream, in the direction of which I have begun to take determined steps in recent weeks, and with each step I feel as if my heart is clapping and shouting: "Hurrah, we are finally on the dream path!"

The dream is that my books will spread even beyond the borders of my native country. A long-term dream, a big dream, postponed for later for many reasons - from convenience, to uncertainty in a foreign language. You postpone and postpone, and one day you realize that you are ready, there is nothing to postpone, and what seemed difficult and impossible, suddenly goes by itself.

Here, @katyyaksha you can draw inspiration from my words in English and keep your fingers crossed that this dream comes true and can be an inspiration to others that following the inner call brings fulfillment, happiness to us and many others.

The journey for dreams can be compared to a trip. You choose a destination because you feel you want to go there. It pulls you there and you know your goal exists. You don't have to rush to be there right away. You'll enjoy the whole trip, that's what a trip is all about. It doesn't even matter what time you arrive. It's nice not to push yourself, to leave the door open to what comes along the way, to enjoy a coffee break, the view, to relax, to chat, to share impressions, inspiration, whatever comes along the way. And so the whole journey will be an experience and you will finally reach where you wished. You didn't doubt that you wouldn't get there or that the goal wasn't there.

It's the same with "dreams" that we feel from the depths of our souls. It's called "dreams," but it's more than that. "Dream" is just a word we give it, but it's something we're born with. It is not just a fantasy, a superficial desire. It is part of us and we have to become it. It exists. Just like the destination of the trip. It is there. For us. And it's up to us when we get to it.


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