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I've always gravitated towards an authentic, simple environment. Places with a soul.

Whenever I saw or personally touched somewhere, in a magazine, a film, on my travels, a place that at first glance - for many - had nothing, was so simple, ordinary, my soul whispered immediately: I would like to live and experience here at least for a while, what that simplicity can open up in a person, remind of something that everyone has in themselves, but is lost in various ways on the journey through life.

Right now, I'm sitting at our wooden kitchen table with the door open outside, listening to the rain and thinking, this is it. Here, where there is not much, one has time for what is simple Life. Fully. And by that I mean to perceive it in detail. To really notice the wealth we all have here.

I came to this island a few years ago with this wish. To experience authenticity, to open something a little forgotten in myself. The essence. To feel pure joy again, if only from the fact that it is raining and I can listen to the rain, watch the transparent drops, small diamonds fall to the ground from the palm leaves. And a lot of other things. To have a clear head and in that space to capture the messages from deep there... the soul, the world, the messages from Life itself, which leads us all to the same thing: don't let one second slip away. Don't complicate your life with things and other useless things, so that you can still perceive it as you did when you were little. The pure look of a child who can rejoice even in ordinary drops of rainwater.


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