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I'm sitting at the wooden table in the very authentic kitchen of my current island home...

I can hear the birdsong and the distant occasional shouts of the locals - from one terrace to another, sharing fresh news from everyday life. The air smells of blossoming jasmine and other spring flowers, encouraged in their growth by yesterday's rain.

These details and a million others have been pouring into my soul for the last more than a year in this place and helping me in my personal growth, and above all giving me the best gifts for everyday life in a rhythm that doesn't count for hours and often not even for days, often accompanied only by divine silence, which here seems almost unreal, a short distance from the sea, close to myself.

I have always wished to live on some island, in a place where I would feel... like this. It all comes gradually as in everything. Awareness of the gifts around that we often overlook because we think too much. Only when we finally realize that nothing is more important than what is happening now and from this point we then choose with a clear mind the next thing that will support us in what we really are, what we want to be and what we want to live.

The essence of who we really are is in each of us, it just takes a little time to distill it out of all the possibilities. Simplicity is an advanced lesson. It's a paradox, but that's how it is. Even the fairytale hero had to travel around the world to understand that what he was looking for was right in front of his nose the whole time.

Just like me. I go on trips and search, gather experience and gradually choose ingredients that suit my soul. Step by step, I throw away the baggage until what is really necessary remains, which helps to be the authentic self.

I am an inquisitive person and I tend to get carried away by new ideas and directions. I am learning all the time, as I go, not to be distracted by what is not mine and to stay true to my path, my mission, what makes me happy and can give the best to others, which is to write books. I hope my books can be an inspiration on your magical journey through life.


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