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It's an amazing feeling to do things that we've been thinking about, putting off...

When we finally do what has been in our thoughts or notes in journals for so long written over and put aside and doubted... And then suddenly we have a materialized version of the wish in our hands... and whether it was a "good or bad" act, it moves us forward, clarifies the next steps and there is lightness in our head, space to move on, but also joy in the heart from what we can create, materialize, do, if we don't just stay in our mind.

"It's always better to do, try, act, that's the only way things, life can happen. By constant pondering, we remain only in the mind, outside the flow of life."

This observation came to me yesterday when I was looking at my first book in English, on the table not far from me. Seeing a materialized idea, a vision brings a special joyful feeling. We can do anything we want, indeed! It's written on the cover of the book. And I cross off some notes from my list and feel myself floating into the ocean of freedom, joy of possibilities, what are within our reach and what can happen when we stop pushing back, doubting and start acting with determination and trust in our dreams and ourselves.


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