Author of inspirational and motivational literature. Optimist, supporter of positive thinking, lover of a relaxed seaside lifestyle and travels. A big fan of yoga and other activities that awaken the body and mind. From an early age, she felt the need to inspire others to follow everything we believe from our hearts. She tried several professions, to which the voice of the heart led her. In 2016, she took another risk. After 12 years, she left the dream path of a self-educated designer and set out on another big dream - just to write and motivate others to leave fear and follow the voice of the heart. She did not want to be bound by any rules, censors, terms, so she founded her own publishing house PLÁŽ (the BEACH) and started publishing her books herself as written by life and heart. Inspirational guide You can do anything you want, which came out first under the BEACH became a bestseller, and together with her other books she has already helped many people bring joy back to life and find themselves. Katy was born in the Czech Republic and since 2000 has lived and worked mainly by the sea, which was her next life dream.

Contact: katyyaksha@gmail.com