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Writing accompanies my life as a loyal friend. Without it, as well as without the sea and love, it wouldn't be me...

The world of fantasy and books has occupied a lot of space in my life since I was a little child. Just like the feeling that everything is possible, life is beautiful, and we should fill it with what the heart leads us to. Otherwise, it wouldn't make any sense. I was born in the Czech Republic and since 2000, I have been living mostly abroad, mainly by the sea. Among other places, I spent many years on the Balearic Islands and for the last three years my base has been the Island of Ischia, where I enjoy a simplified version of life with my partner, whom I met here a few years ago. To date, I have written 9 books, which I have self-published in my native country. I am currently working on several new books that will already be published outside my homeland. Whether it's memoirs from my journeys or inspirational handbooks, they all have one thing in common – their aim is to encourage readers to follow their inner guidance and to realize that the greatest wealth is hidden in the most ordinary things.

My approach to life and way of thinking has always stepped out of the crowd. Many have said that I am an exaggerated dreamer and optimist or that I am simply lucky. The way I see it, we create happiness ourselves. By how we can open our hearts and listen to them. By how high we can dream, how we look at the world, what we choose to believe. Simply, what we devote our energy to.


One of my biggest dreams was to live by the sea. Another one - to make a living doing what I enjoy and not what others think will secure my future. And I wanted to write about all of this and inspire others to pursue what they truly desire.


My books are built on the foundations of real experiences, based on my journeys towards big dreams that have come true. They are full of determination, positive energy and inspiration to pursue any dream from the heart. And also full of ordinary details that will make readers remember their child soul and realize that even though they are some distance away from their dream, their life is already beautiful and incredibly rich.

Every moment is an amazing adventure if we're willing to perceive it that way. If we keep our hearts and eyes wide open and follow what we feel, then we will never stop enjoying life and developing in the direction that the heart sets, with those who are on the same wavelength of pure love for life.

You can already buy my first book in English on Amazon - You Can Do Anything You Want, which became a bestseller in my homeland after its publication and has already helped many people bring joy back into their lives.

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