One of the older posts translated and re-posted here and now. Hope it bring you inspiration and smile on your face:

It has been quite long since last post. I concentrated all my energy into finishing my book You can do anything you want, which has been published a few days ago and I am excited like a little kid.

I am really happy that on the front cover there is a photo of the sea. The sea has a special meaning to me. It is a great source of inspiration, relaxation, answers. It is like a good friend of mine. And I hope it will give you the same feeling.

The book itself is full of sunny mood and optimism, in its power I have been believing since I can remember and I truly believe that the book will bring lots of inspiration and motivation to you and that it will support you in anything you wish to do from the bottom of your heart but until now you were afraid to step out for it.

For a couple of weeks I have been now staying on a small south-italian island of Ischia again and that is also one of the main reasons why I have been avoiding internet and other “futuristic“ things and devices.

I used my laptop during last weeks mainly as a typing machine. And to be honest, I am sure if I had a proper typing machine, I would use it and let the dust play with my laptop.

But on the other hand it´s great that we have the possibility to use such high technology, as long as we don´t let the technology to use us.

Everything is in blossom and smells amazing here. I managed to slow down my daily rhythm, which is not too difficult here, changed shoes for flip flops, only a couple of times I slip into more elegant sandals, while going out for a coffee or a glass of wine in the evening.

My daily outfit is shorts and tanktop, in the evening I just add a jacket and long pants because I usually stay long on the beach. And to be honest, that is one of the best things in life. Usually I am the last one to leave in the evening, I always ask myself:

Where is everybody running at this best hour?

You can enjoy amazing after-sunset colors, listen to calm waves and just enjoy pure being. No tv, no radio, pure connection.

So usually I am the last one to stay on the beach at night, watching the stars, listening their messages and I don´t really feel to do or need anything else.

Later I eat some bits of fruits and I simply feel great... free and light... with the only thoughts on my mind of how beautiful the world is and how freely we can breathe if we get rid of many useless things that we get trapped in many times. Things, doings, people...

So, that's it for now. I know, I didn´t write much, but the sun came out behind the clouds again, before it seemed like it´s about to rain and I thought I will have more time for writing and sharing, but no, the present moment is calling me out... To live it, to feel it, to be really there, connected to real life.

So I will get back to my "beach office" and wait there for sunset, which I am enjoying almost daily, instead of the news on the television. I never really understood why people tend to watch the news or another strange programs in tv or read newspaper when at the end they just make them sad and irritated?

If I could give an advice, just turn off the tv and go outside. Wherever. And breathe deeply. And observe the amazing world around you. You'll see how much better you will feel after such a program. Really connected and alive. And that's it. Real life. It's simple and very rich. And definitely the most beautiful program you've ever been watching.