The wisdom which is supposed to reach you is sometimes split into two halves and you must wait to understand the right point. Although you have no idea that you find yourself only in the middle of your path.

The day after the morning I was given a real four-leaf clover just by chance by a special friend of mine, I met him again.

I was just coming out of my favourite café situated near the cliff stemming from the sea, the top of which is adorneded with a large ancient castle, where I usually spend most of my mornings observing the local original life with such extremes as glitter stiletto shoes and almost great evening under the stroke of ancient bells announcing the exact noon, capturing impressions and notes into my pad, day dreaming, simply being and of course, drinking coffee.

I was on my way home but in the exactly opposite direction I spotted with my lateral vision my friend with his inseparable companion, a white dog. I immediately thought I didn't want to miss the opportunity of gaining a bit of brightness from his eyes. And perhaps some new messages of wisdom?

I walked boldly into the glare of the sun. All the space in front of the café was filled with sunshine till the last atom. Even on the bench nearby, a few local old men were basking in the sun wearing knitted beanies on their heads. A beanie is perhaps a part of the national costume, I thought. I am wandering about the streets wearing a T-shirt, while the natives refuse to clean up this fashion accessory to the bottom of the pirate chests.

I surprised the friend of mine from behind. The white dog started barking heartily and jumping so much, that my friend was being shaken like a bush in a strong wind. We greeted each other with joy and just after that "my Guru" asked:

“Did you give the four-leaf clover to anyone yesterday?“

Bang! Moments of insight flashed through my head. Sure! How come I didn't understand it again?! I blushed slightly, which I tried to blame on the sun and then I whispered with a quiet voice:

“Well, I didn't.“ Because I am so selfish, I thought for myself.

The friend of mine raised his eyebrows and in the sky blue deepness I spotted the reflection of the words that my ears recorded a few moments after:

“Oh no, that is not the way. That is wrong! You should always pass your good luck on and it will come back to you again. But you have to give it to someone. You have to share it.“

(Excerpt from my book Journeys of joy, love and happiness)