Excerpt form my book Journeys of joy, love and happiness:


A bit of balm for the soul when you really don´t expect it.

I was driving home from Prague one day, where I have visited a good friend of mine and spent some good quality time with her.

It was quite late already. I was in a good mood, the bits of our conversation were still floating in my head. I wasn´t in a hurry. I was enjoying the journey and I was simply feeling so good that I had absolutely no needs to speed up although I was on the highway already. No hurry, I just felt to enjoy the peace of the night.

It was passed midnight already, the sky cleared out and revealed the stars which brightened the road for me. My speed without much accelaration enabled me to take a glimse at them once in a while. A couple of cars took me over and in just a second were far gone behind the horizon. Even a truck took me over before I even got to the highway! When this happened I just thought to myself:

„Just go, if you are really in such a hurry..." And I added a couple of not very pleasant words addressed to the driver.

From before I had some bad experiences with a truck gluing to the back of my car and literally pushing me in front of him, although I was definitely driving faster than his maximum permitted speed. That´s where my negative aproach to the truck drivers was born. Just like that.

I passed the sign of a gas station following in 2 km and it just crossed my mind to buy me a cup of coffee for the journey. Not that my eyes would be getting heavy, but just for the pleasant energy boost and magical coffee aroma.

And who do you think suddenly comes out of the dark, right in front of me, just as I started making a turn to the gas station to grab my energy boosting coffee?

That truck which was so eager to take me over just before the end of Prague.

“Yeah, you really helped yourself there by taking me over. How typical!“ I said to myself with satisfaction and then I just ignored him.

I parked the car and slowly, with traces of tiredness entered the gas station.

I got blinded a little by the bright light, so I squinted, looked around and gleefully realized I am standing right in front of a shinny coffee machine. Not the one that you throw just a couple of coins and what you get is a cup of hot water mixed with a bit of instant coffee giving it a weird taste. This one seemed very capable of preparing me a cup of a very good quality coffee.

I started searching in my wallet for coins. I noticed a man standing patiently next to me, probably waiting for his turn if it ever comes, waiting if I will or will not grab the coffee.

I smiled at him and told him to go first, that it will probably take me a while to find coins. The man with stubble beard smiled back at me, went to the coffee machine and started throwing coins in. I stared back into my wallet, searching for coins.

In a moment I hear someone saying:

“There you go, now press the button, I don't know which one you want.“

Only in couple of seconds later I realized that it was adressed to me. I turned my head and saw the same man is smiling friendly at me repeating his sentence:

“C'mon, stop searching, I threw there enough coins, this one is on me.“ And on top of that he added one more friendly smile.

I still stood there staring for a while until I understood he really meant it. I just smiled back at him, surprised, stepped forward to the machine and pressed “cappuccino“.

Meanwhile the coffee had been prepared I was still nodding my head in surprise and thanked the generous stranger.

“I have pockets full of coins, that's nothing. Enjoy your coffee!“ he wished me, while I was moving my way into the darkness outside with a beautifully aromatic beverage warming my hands.

I sat in the car and I was still playing over in my head what a beautiful feeling such a “small“ gesture can bring, make the journey more pleasant, brighten the moment. And I also kept thinking that when you are in a good mood, you always tend to meet and attract pleasant people, no matter where you are heading to.

How simple is that!

I was still sitting there, when my generous stranger came out of the gas station also with a cup of coffee in his hand and heading straight to the parked truck. Yes, exactly to that truck which has taken me over right after Prague.

Isn´t that beautiful?

I think, life is just amazing. When we think we are sure about something, it will show us how little we know and how much there still left for us to learn.

In my mind I apologized to the driver and his other colleagues as well. I will never judge any truck driver and anyone, any more. Or, at least, I try.

When I was taking him over after a while already on the highway, I blinked at him to say "hello" and "sorry" which only I understood. He answered back the same way and this time there was a huge smile on my face and the warmest feeling in my heart. And it was not only because of that magical perfume of the coffee.