(Excerpt for my book You can do anything you want)

Don't let yourself be carried away by comfort or the people around you, who would like to see you in a different role.

Do not allow anyone not even your inner frightened yourself make you think that what you desire is impossible. That it is „only a dream“. That life is not made of dreams but of reality. And that it is better to be satisfied with what you have at that moment, which situation you find yourself in, although you know it is not the thing.

Every person knows himself the best what he is interested in, what fascinates him, what awakes the desire in his heart to step further. To jump into the unknown.

As if a person fell in love.That is the THING. The real direction of your life that your heart is talking about. You know that. You can hear the voice.

So many times you have wondered what it would be like to make your living with something you enjoy, or to have more time for yourself, your friends and family... or to leave for somewhere and just observe your soul, come nearer to yourself and to find out who you really are. Anything. Anything your heart is whispering, where it is gently leading you, that is the THING. The real sense of your life. And a journey.

All the others are only turn-offs from the main path.

If you find yourself on one of these turn-offs, you know that. You can feel it deep there in your heart. Every minute, every moment. You can feel it in the same way if you find yourself on the right path again.

If you follow the voice that is leading you along the main path you will discover the beauties of a happy and fulfilling life. Although the Sun won't be shining every day. That is a part of the good journey. Although the Sun is hidden behind the clouds, your heart can still be happy.

And you are also likely to find out that many things you have been chasing so far or many things in your surroundings you don't need at all.

If you start to follow the right journey of your life, the right things appear in the most beautiful light and you don't need that many things by far from the outer world. Life becomes simpler.

Everything your heart is whispering is possible. Possible for you. Since it is your journey. Everything is ready. Just make the first step.

Your belief is the bridge which can bring your dreams to reality. To your amazing, happy life. Life that fills your heart with such a joy that you will be longing to hug all the world and you will be willing to pass this message over to everyone you meet.

The more people will be leading their happy life, the happier place will our world be. It is not only about you and your life. If you decide to live your genuine life according to your heart, you will help the others to see this chance. Pass it on. I believe our genuine life is worth conveying this unique message.