To contemplate in peace is beautiful.

It opens up another space somewhere beyond our eyes... infinitely deep... simply infinite. Full of answers to everything. Just grow silent and be and listen. You will start to smile and get your answers. Just grow silent and open up to it.

To grow silent at the shore of the sea and to watch the movement of the waves helps me to get into this infinite place inside of me. Everybody has this place inside. We all were born with it. And to grow silent helps us to reconnect with this beautiful peaceful space.

To watch the sea or the sky in the night helps me to reconnect with this space and gives me the true feeling:

Marvel, enjoy every moment, be fully present. Not only when the sun is shinning and everything is clear and beautiful. Be happy in every moment, even when the dark clouds are above your head.

Maybe it will rain and you will get soaked, but then it all dries again and the sun will come out eventually. But that will be only after. Now is now and you exist now. In this world, in this present moment. And it is beautiful. Stay here, marvel, enjoy, be.

Be happy, cheer, scream with joy and laugh from the bottom of your heart. Now, now, now!

Enjoy every step you make, every moment of your journey through every-day life. Don't wait. Don't wait for tomorrow, next week, next year. Don't wait for better moment. Be happy now.

Don´t get affected. Stay connected to your true self during any kind of wheather, at any situation. That will give you the true freedom.

Just be. Be simply happy. Marvel, enjoy, be. Don´t get affected by the rain or the sun. They both belong to your journey.

Although your journey might be heading to a steep hill, even while running it down, even while looking down from the top, stay always happy. Unaffected. Stay present. Enjoy your life.

Be happy already here and now. Now and here. Because you exist only in every here and now. Don't let it run away from you. Marvel, enjoy, be present. Be simply happy.