Today I am going to share with you easy series of steps which I use when I sometimes realize I have stepped out of my center and I am in unbalance or in other words “things are difficult to do“.

Because life is a constant movement, a stream bringing changes, learning, tests and personal challenges to cultivate our journey, it is normal to fall out of our balance sometimes. From the state of well-being and simplicity, when it is clear to us what to do and how, where to take our next step, what to do or not to do, to feel happy, to feel you are at the right place, connected to the stream of energy, ideas and inspiration.

These are a few points by means of which I quickly get back to myself and then the feeling that „things are difficult“ dissolves. I believe they can also help you in similar situations:

1. When I feel I find myself in this condition, I stop immediately.

I just stop completely for a while. Stop. And I realize it is JUST AN INSTANT MOMENT. That it is not anything permanent, it is not a part of myself and that I can fix it. Thanks to this little realization I immediately put a stop to further develoment of this unrequested state, which doesn't take you anywhere.

2. Then the next step is to explore, find out what has caused this problem?

Meeting someone? A dialogue with someone with negative thoughts? A bad diet for a longer period? Little movement? Few activities in my direction? A bit of laziness? Devoting my time to activities that do me no good, that do not help me develop my potential?

All of these can be only causes. And we can always find those. It is enought to search for them a bit inside ourselves.

3. As soon as I find the cause, I take a close look at it and I promise to myself that I will not continue in this direction, under no conditions, and I will not do it again. It is very simple, not to continue, not to do again anything that doesn't do us good.

To develop activities that fit our character and soul and the ones that naturally attract us that is what is beneficial for us.

4. As soon as I find out where the unbalance came from, I feel relief.

As if someone has taken a stone off my heart. I am able to breathe again, I can see the solution and I feel lightness in every breath I take. I can see the path again.

5. And finally I am able to move on from the place where I had stopped to find out where I was and why did I feel to be out of myself and I am able to follow the direction which is mine.

To continue along the path of exploration and learning and developing skills and potential that has been given to me, which I want to repay to life by giving the best out of me.

We can give the best out of us if we don't waste our time and energy on foolishness. Everyone has his own potential that he has to develop, which we have to invest in, take care of it as of a plant that will then reward us and even the others with a wonderful colorful blooms.