Today I am going to share with you how my mornings look. To me, a morning is like an introduction of a movie. It is supposed to touch your heart. To whet your appetite, to put you in the mood, to awake our curiosity inside of us, to stimulate our energy.

A morning is an introduction of another movie that will be played that day in your life. What we ourselves will play with. And that is why it is necessary to feel in a good mood, to get the right kick and to be generally in harmony.

These are my tips how to reach these in a simple way:

1. As soon as you wake up, clear your mind.

We all know it. I wake up and in a few seconds my mind is started and it starts chewing helter-skelter. It throws me tasks, worries, must dos, errands, what if...

Catch it and stop it. Stop this chattering that occurs in your head spontaneously. Just say STOP! It is possible. All what is needed is a bit of attention and practise.

And right after that set a positive programme in your mind. Positive thoughts. Like to be thankful for every day, simple smile, thoughts of the sun, joy in your heart.

Think of the fact it is you who decides what your day will be like, what your life will be like.

And it depends just on this moment. It depends on what you set in your heart. Start thinking positively and get up in this mood. You will be definitely smiling and feeling amazingly lightely.

2. Before breakfast do exercises for about 5-15 minutes.

I really like yoga. A few sun salutations and I feel totally different. Those are small details that do great wonders in your life step by step. And just because they are tiny we often tend to ignore them and we ask ourselves:

“What can such a tiny thing change?“

Even a few minutes of a regular movement in the morning can be really seen in a few weeks. You must try it on yourselves to get to know it. You can, you don't have to.

Sometimes, instead of doing yoga, I jump, I dance, because I feel that the morning my body needs a different form of energy stimulation and I can do yoga later.

Of course I skip it sometimes. It is not necessary to treat yourself as a soldier. If you are woken up by movement every day and you will do this with joy and zest, then skipping it sometimes will be a welcomed change.

Find your type of morning exercise and start right the next morning to be able to enjoy the results soon.

3. Have breakfast in peace without haste

Everything you do requires your attention. Otherwise you don't have to do it, because if you think about something different or you do another thing, then the whole activity loses its point.

For instance if you eat in a hurry or even walking or running, then, although you might be eating the healthiest thing in the world, it won't be beneficial for your body or soul.

Set aside some time when having breakfast. It doesn't have to take long, even if those were a few minutes, devote the time to yourself. Devote them on having breakfast. Enjoy the sips and bites as a gourmet. Be there. Perceive it. Like this you can give your body the maximum amount of vitamins and rich energy.

I mostly only have fruit for breakfast. Cut into little pieces, a few kinds together. Recently I have been putting cinnamon on it. Inspired by the ayurvedic attitude (I deeply recommend to read at least the basics about the ayurvedic food).

I love coffee, so I make myself a cup of black coffee wih no sugar and sometimes even ayurvedic herbal tea, which I keep drinking for the whole morning. Sometimes a have a piece of sweet cake, a croissant. But it is the same like with movement. Most mornings I dope my body with the best things, so that it has a strong engine to process these little “treats“ with lighteness in the moments of break.

That is briefly all for the harmonic start. You see, nothing complicated. Maybe adjusting your daily habits will be enough. Think of yourselves. Think of your lives. Think of the fact that by doing everything you are doing you can directly affect the quality of your lives.

In a positive mood and with a clear mind, energy spread in your body and quality fuel in the form of healthy breakfast made and eaten with joy you can sail into a new day with harmony and lighteness ready to catch and start realizing all the ideas that come your way thanks to the awaken energy.

You can do anything you want and truly believe in.

Katy Yaksha



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