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Hi, Dear!

Jsem Katy, autorka knih

inspirovaných mou vlastní životní cestou z malého města ve střední Evropě k životu, o jakém jsem snila. Věřím, že .


Stáhni a načerpej, kdykoliv a kdekoliv budeš potřebovat pozitivní vzpruhu




Inspirativního bestselleru,  který  pomohl už víc jak 20tisícům lidí změnit život



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"If I, an Ordinary Woman, Could Fulfill My Big Dreams, You Can Do It, Too!"
---> and I'll be very happy if my books will help to navigate your journey <---
You, too, Can Do Anything You Want!

  • Understand who you really are

  • Do what you love

  • Live at your dream place

  • Love and find your true love

  • Feel good and look good at any age

  • Feel free to express your true self

  • Be healthy and full of energy any time

  • Cultivate great lifestyle, and much more


"It's absolutely possible to live with a HAPPY heart, HEALTHY body & mind,
LIMITLESS possibilities at any age, at any place."

---> here are some facts about me <---
In Other Words, We Can Do Anything We Want, If We Really Want to.


  • Living abroad, by the seaside ---> Since 2000, I have been living abroad, mainly by the seaside

  • Becoming a Fashion Designer ---> In 2004, I founded a little fashion label, without studying Fashion Design, in a few years of a journey, it became the first between others 70000, where I was selling my clothes.

  • Set off somewhere alone, also for better understanding who I really am ---> In 2015, I set off on a solo-journey to Italy, Rome and Ischia Island with one way ticket. Ischia Island became one of my world-homes, where I live, love, profound connection to myself, create and dream about new horizons

  • Becoming an inspirational Writer ---> In 2016, I self-published my first book in the Czech Republic, You Can Do Anything You Want. No one wanted to publish it, because I was an unknown author. The book became a bestseller in my country, over 40000 copies of my books were sold there to date.

  • To meet a great partner who would share this non-standard life journey with me, must be a foreigner with deep dark eyes ---> In 2016, after long searching, we met. At midnight, on a bench, in a little port of Ischia Island, his home. Dark eyes, lovely smile, heart at the right place, open to an extraordinary adventure.

  • Never believed we age with age ---> Today, at age 45, feeling better that at 20, thanks to a lifestyle which I put together by experimenting, learning, since teenage, it works! And it's a part of what I am sharing and will in my books.

  • Ideal weight ---> many years ago, I had issues with some kilos more. I tried many diets, until the day I understood the best diet is balance and peace with myself. I accepted, who I am, how I look, I told myself that I want no stress with the food or diets any more, and since that day I stopped to count the calories, weight corrected itself and stayed the same since then, more than 15 years now

  • To share all what I discovered for myself, my journey, achieving dreams, truths about myself, our life, so many things which could help others, too ---> Since I started publishing my books, I received many messages about how much my books are helping in changing careers, relationships, places to live, remembering dreams, trust and so on, makes me feel very happy

  • To be able to express myself in English, so that I could even write in it ---> right now, I am starting to fulfill another big dream, sure, my English is not perfect, but perfection is not important, doing things by heart and which can help other is, so with a happy heart I am opening this door! Welcome, I hope, you will find here, and on pages of my books the right inspiration and motivation for whatever are your dreams and goals. As you can clearly see, on my own little example:  You Can Do Anything You Want!

"Start to cultivate a lifestyle that supports you at every step.
Your dreams, love, joy, health, young spirit, young look, just anything."

---> my books can help you with that <---
You'll get the boost, inspiration, the right kick to stop waiting, and start playing with your life!


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Načerpej, kdykoliv a kdekoliv budeš potřebovat
pozitivní vzpruhu, abys neztratil ani kousek
energie, ani minutu čímkoliv, co nemusíš,
co není tvé, co ti v ničem nepomáhá.

Stáhni si myšlenky už teď a tvoř si svůj vysněný svět